The Outpatient Clinic

Location and Design

EmpfangEven though the clinic is within walking distance from the City Center of Weilburg, it is in a very tranquil and natural setting. A cascading stream leads you down to the entrance. The interior design corresponds to principles of Feng Shui, which is rooted in Chinese philosophy. The consultation room and treatment rooms are furnished with Chinese antiques. We use natural materials and products whenever possible.

Clinic Organisation

After registration the physician performs an examination and makes a diagnosis. The examination includes a preliminary medical history, palpation of the pulse and observation of the tongue. A full examination requires one to one and one half hours.

Each ensuing appointment starts with a conversation about the patient´s recent progress. Then, the patient relaxes on the treatment table while the acupuncture needles are inserted and remain in position for 20 Minutes. Thus, each treatment requires approximately one hour of the patient´s time.

There is a high level of privacy. Since the clinic operates by fixed appointments only, patients very rarely meet each other.

Clinic Physician Thomas Wetzel, MD

Dr. med. Thomas Wetzel

Dr. Wetzel is an experienced medical physician who understands Western medicine´s strengths and limitations. He brings to complementary medicine his experience as a doctor of Western medicine coupled with intensive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a former management executive in a multinational corporation, he knows well the impact of the key TCM factors on our Western lives. He has designed this complementary medicine practise to enhance aspects of Western medicine by also employing Eastern practices in addressing today´s health dilemmas.

Dr. Wetzel earned degrees in business and medicine at the Universities of Tübingen and Ulm, Germany. He did his thesis at the Institute of Immunology and Transplant Surgery at the University of Tübingen, Germany. He was trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China and at the Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine St. Hedwig/Charité in Berlin, Germany. He has experience as a clinical physician in a variety of fields and in clinical research. He has held several executive management positions in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Thomas Wetzel was born in 1956. He is married and has has two energetic teenaged children.